The best way for anyone to prepare for a distance session, whether it is an Integrated Energy Therapy® session (IET®) or a Reiki distance session is set aside an hour and a half, make sure that you are in a quiet room somewhere, you can be calm, you can sit, you can lay, it doesn’t really matter whatever is most comfortable to you. In the first half an hour of the session, I will be here working on you spiritually. You’ll be at your home laying comfortably, being open, and expecting beautiful things with a positive state of mind. About halfway through the session, around the 35 to 40-minute mark, I either give you a call or send you a message. Then at that point, we connect over the phone. I give you any findings. Whether you have something to share with me or I have something to share with you, this is the time we debrief. Then we end the session with aftercare instructions. We discuss how the next week is going to take a toll on your body and how you have to rest and nourish your body as well.