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True healing is multi faceted; it must touch you spiritually, physically and emotionally or more commonly recognized as mind, body and spirit. Which is why at White Lotus Spiritual Healing, we offer healing for all of these aspects of yourself. Services include: Reiki, Tarot Readings, Integrated Energy Therapy®, Coaching, Curanderismo and Rootwork. We also offer certification, training classes and workshops.

The Difference between Reiki & Integrated Energy Therapy®

Watch Veronica Cintron explain the difference between Reiki & IET® in this short video.

Reiki really is very focused on our physical body. Understanding that it works through the chakra system. Although it does influence and clear our auric field. It really focuses on aligning our physical bodies more so. It’s really wonderful for people who suffer from chronic illness. It’s really wonderful for cancer patients, people with autoimmune diseases, or just overall people who are having issues with their physical health.

Introducing Reiki into a daily practice can help that way. Integrated Energy Therapy, it’s called “removing the issues from the tissues.” The philosophy with integrated energy therapy is that we pick up trauma over the years and trauma can come in many different ways, sometimes picking up belief systems that aren’t our own via our parents or people raising us can be traumatic. IET® or Integrated Energy Therapy goes into those basic traumas that we’ve carried throughout most of our adulthood, and really removes the blockage. And so we go in, and we start moving energy around to allow the energy, the flow of energy to come through, therefore allowing you to be clear or clearer on your life’s purpose.


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Definitely check out White Lotus. Veronica is a such a down to earth amazing person.  I went in for an intuitive counseling session and Reiki.  She’s definitely a people person, easy to talk to. Warm and inviting, for someone like me who are shy. I was a little nervous, felt anxious. With the help of Reiki, Veronica re-aligned all my chakras, release all the blocked energy I had stored in my body.  I felt so much better. My mind and body were connected to each other again. I was able to express what goals I wanted to achieve as a massage therapist and Veronica shared  her intuitive advice and what steps to take. I am in the process of running my own business. I can’t thank Veronica enough. She’s super talented and gifted in her craft. If you’re still curious, you owe it to yourself  to at least try it out and her delicious teas!

Marc D, Yelp

Veronica is by far my favorite psychic/medium I have spoken to. I have known her for about 8 months and she has helped me get through some of the most negative parts of my life. She truly cares about all her clients and is very good at what she does. I have sent many of my friends to her and Veronica is spot on every single time. Her readings can be jaw dropping and her guidance really helps to lead you into the right direction. Veronica is one of the nicest people I have ever met, having readings with her has turned into feeling like I’m talking to a good friend. She is also available whenever you need her. She has really helped me get through relationships that had to end or already ended. Without her I really do not know how I would have gotten through my situations as quickly as I did. Veronica is truly such an amazing soul and you will not regret a reading with her I promise.

I’ve been a client for over a year now and I’m still amazed with the abundance of peace White Lotus has provided. Veronica you are amazing at what you do. Because of your services there’s been an amazing transformation in my life. I absolutely love your whole vibe

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