The difference between Reiki and IET is that Reiki really is very focused on our physical body. Reiki is an energy healing commodity that centers around our chakra system. It realigns and works with universal life force energy or chi energy and brings it into not just our spiritual auric field but also our physical bodies. The goal is to attain balance and help us feel just a little bit more connected with ourselves. It’s really wonderful for people who are suffering from chronic illness, cancer patients, people with autoimmune diseases, or people who are having overall issues with their physical health. Introducing Reiki into a daily practice can help that way.


IET is integrated energy therapy and it’s very similar to our most commonly known cousin Reiki. Integrated energy therapy is called “removing the issues from the tissues”. Because the philosophy with integrated energy therapy is that we pick up trauma over the years and trauma can come in many different ways sometimes picking up belief systems that aren’t our own via our parents or people raising us can be traumatic. IET or integrated energy therapy goes into those basic traumas that we’ve carried throughout most of our adulthood, and really removes that in way of blockage. I work on removing blockages that could be preventing you from living your biggest and most purpose or your best purpose.